5th ave sushi


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THE SAME WAITRESS OFFENDED ME MULTIPLE TIMES AS WELL! How is it she has upset so many people?! She also charged me xtra for something i did not want. Then refused to fix her mistake. Then changed her mind. Then made up a lie and went back on her word. It was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!! I just wanted to get out of there! And that was after she ignored me during my whole visit and my simple order took 2hrs.
John- funny you should say that because the same waitress put words in my mouth and caused a scene and ran out crying to her staff because she messed up so much and obviously cannot handle her job. I really hope she gets fired because she was the most unprofessional food service employee I have ever encountered in my life. She is a sole representation of 5th avenue sushi and I hope for justice. Sorry, but using the excuse that it's valentines day to make up for you incompetence is unacceptable. Maybe learn basic customer service skills and learn the menu and maybe you wouldn't have such angry customers. I laughed when I asked what wines were available and not only did she not card me (HUGE mistake,) she did not know basic wines off the top of her head- she just said she would bring me the menu-also she couldn't remember to bring out our requested appetizers (we had to keep flagging her down,) and yes- we were also around when she was being unprofessional yet again and rude while
Worst experience of my life. Ruined my Valentines dinner. Blonde waitress. No respect for me or her co workers. Made me feel very uncomfortable.